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Understanding the history of gothic rings and how they are used today

If you had to buy a gothic engagement ring you would probably consider a silver ring. This is because silver gothic rings have become very popular in recent years thanks in great part to rock stars, bikers and movie stars. It is, therefore, important to look at the history of gothic rings and what made them become popular.

Gothic fashion jewellery

When you hear the word gothic ring it is important not to jump to conclusions. Many people think of gothic jewellery as dark but there are different elements that make up gothic rings. The modern gothic rings are inspired by the gothic architectural elements. For example, the pointed arches, buttresses, vaulted ceilings and gargoyles are examples of gothic elements.

Gothic rings

These types of rings have different labels to attract a wide range of consumers. There are many websites where you can buy a gothic engagement ring online. Silver medieval rings, skull rings and armour rings are some of the common terms falling under gothic rings. Many of these rings have intricate patterns and ornate details to mimic the gothic architecture.

The Goths

The original Goths helped in the fall of the Roman Empire and they were an eastern German tribe. Anything Gothic came to represent pagan rituals and barbaric rituals thereafter. The medieval architecture was then known as the Gothic architecture.

The Gothic literature gained popularity in the 18th century. Vampires and graveyards were some of the images conjured up by writers. They were often captured in the Gothic jewellery.


A Gothic engagement ring is not meant for the light-hearted people. Silver Gothic rings are very meaningful for the people who understand history and there is a mystery surrounding the charm of Gothic rings. There are different types of Gothic rings that you can gift your loved one as an engagement ring.

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