Endless Possibilities of Hemp Oil

The Endless Possibilities of Hemp Oil

All cannabis plants produce oil but generally only “Industrial Hemp” is used to produce the oil we are talking about here. Hemp oil can be made nearly free of THC from cannabis plants that have the “high” bred out of them. Yes, you can buy hemp oil loaded with THC if that’s what you prefer but what about people who are interested in Hemp Oil benefits but want nothing to do with its psychotropic effects? Whatever group you picture yourself in, there is help for everyone with this miraculous oil.

Best for Natural Health and The World Around You 

Did you know that many healthcare products now on the market containing petroleum could be using hemp oil instead? Our planet does not have an inexhaustible supply of petroleum and many blame its excessive use for environmental concerns all over the world. Hemp oil as been available for years now and so far, not a single environmental disaster has been blamed on it due to its non-toxic tendencies.

Though pain control is the first reason many people research Hemp Oil benefits don’t stop there because it is so much more than that. Did you know that hemp oil can be used to make paint for a wall just as easily as it can be added to salve for your skin? A natural and healthy multi-tasker read on and discover things other than pain control you might not realize about hemp oil.

  • Nutritional Value – Your body needs essential fatty acids to thrive but don’t produce enough naturally so we must get them in the food we eat. Hemp oil is 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids which are good for you and less then 12% saturated fatty acids which are bad for you. The nutritional value of adding hemp oil as a dietary supplement can’t be denied.
  • Revitalize Your Hair and Skin – The fatty acids contained in hemp oil feed your skin. Skin care products that contain hemp oil are the healthy, age fighting, effective alternative to products loaded with petroleum or other risky man-made chemicals. Hemp infused hair care not only thickens hair, massaging it into your scalp improves circulation in the head and brain.
  • Good News for Vegans – According to Dr. Andrew Weil of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine hemp oil contains 25% high quality protein comparable to the protein found in meats or eggs. Structured in a way that makes its protein content much easier to digest, hemp doesn’t add the extra calories other oils do.

Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain 

Hemp doesn’t have the social stigma it once did so don’t let that stop you from giving it an honest try, you’ll be glad you did. As a way to improve existing medical conditions or simply promote better health, the benefits mentioned above are barely the tip of the iceberg. If you’re curious but still not sure you can settle any questions by asking your doctor about its pros and cons. Once you get to know hemp oil and all it can do on a personal level you’ll wonder how you ever got through life without it.

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