Major Types of Surgeries

Major Types of Surgeries

Surgeons are those doctors who are specialised in surgeries. If people are suffering from any physical problems which has extended a lot and needs a proper surgery to be cured then one has to go and see a surgeon.

Each and every disease has their own specialised surgeon lots and they excel in surgeries related to those diseases only. There are some best surgeons in Bangalore who can be of major help if one needs surgery due to certain reasons.

There are many kind of surgeries though and it depends on what kind of disease one is suffering from.

In case of heart valve replacement surgeries; it is mainly done by doing three types of incisions. The one which needs a mini incision is known as the ‘minimally invasive surgery’ and here the incision is done in the breast bone under the right pectoral muscle to assess the heart valve. But when this procedure takes place, the heart will be temporarily stopped and the patient will be kept on a heart or lung machine support which takes over the breathing and blood circulation of the patient lying on the surgery bed.

On the other hand, brain surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia but in some cases the surgeons are also allowed to do the surgery when the patient is awake or highly sedated. This mostly happens when there is a brain tumour surgery. This type of surgery is also known as the intra operative brain mapping. This happens because the surgery is to be performed on the organ which is closer to the parts of human body can controls body movements, vision and language

Bariatric surgery again has multiple types. There is a gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric placation. Now, it completely depends on the surgeon to decide which one is applicable on a patient depending in what kind of problems they are suffering from. Also the health condition of the patient is also important and the physician decides on that which surgery will work on them.

When there is a knee or a hip replacement surgery, the surgeon tries to remove the damaged surfaces from the joint or the knee portion and then replace them with metal or plastic implants. The pain goes away because all the cartilages that were creating problems were removed. The benefit of surgery is that the joint starts working well after the surgery is successfully done. But how well the joint or the knee will function depends completely on the health condition of the person and how the surgery has gone on them.

In case of spinal surgeries, mainly the minimally invasive techniques are followed this can be very beneficial.  In this case the procedure includes some smaller incisions and it causes very less damage to the surrounding tissues. Even the patients also not have to stay in the hospital bed for a long time as this can ensure a definite faster recovery.

These are the major surgeries that can be done depending on the type of problem one is having.

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