Liver transplant

Liver transplant for your little one

The process of liver transplant would be that a damaged or deceased liver is being replicated with a healthy one. In case of candidates who are prone to end stage liver disease then they are ideal candidates for this surgery. In case of kids the most common case works out to be biliary atresia. As far as the eligibility is concerned a medical team goes on to undertake a detailed evaluation. Then they figure out whether the candidate is fit for replacement or not. There are a couple of donors in this regard

  • Cadaveric donors work out to be a form of donor that you do get after brain death. Some type of operations does take place in a country like India. But liver related transplant works out to be the only feasible option in the country. Patient who are of the particular blood type go on to donate a liver to the kid based on their blood type. In around 812 weeks the liver does grow back to a normal size
  • Living donors should be one who is alive. Their body mass index needs to be normal and they should understand the procedure. In fact the donor should not have any emotional or physical scar. This does make them unfit for the procedure.

A check of all the body systems is undertaken. Here the optimum functions where the presence of the disease is figured out. The immune system of your child would be reviewed. Once the transplant is given there may be certain vaccines that will be given and you can say that it is not that effective as well. Here you will be part of several tests like blood, x ray or CT scans.

One of the major advantages of this procedure is that you can schedule it in a proper manner. It would mean that both the donor and the receipting can benefit from this process. But there are risks associated with this surgery as well. There could arise some form of complications to the donor as well. Do opt for the best liver transplant in India as the complications tends to be on the lesser side.

Once the surgery is over you need to be in the hospital for 7 to 10 days at the most. At around the same time your incisions are being removed as well. As far as the recovery time is concerned it tends to vary in case of every surgery. But most of the donors are advised that they need around 3 months to completely recover from the surgery. In terms of hours the surgery would take around 10 to 12 hours. On the other hand the surgery of the donor would go on to take around 5 to 7 hours.

Once the surgery is done, the child will be taken over to an ICU where it is expected that they will be there for a week. After that they will be transferred to a ward. It depends on the recovery time.

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