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Know the differences between a chain block and a lever bock

Although both chain and lever blocks are widely used in different industrial applications, their area of their use is slightly different. They also differ in the designs, constructions, and purposes of use.

A chain block is appropriate for use in heavy applications, such as manufacturing, mining, electric power, agriculture, construction, loads lifting, loading and unloading of vehicles. On the other hand, lever versions are suitable for small, manual applications for lifting and descending small loads. They also differ in applications according to their models, such as blocks with a chain and the other with the lever. These are portable mechanisms and they are mostly used where the job does not involve lifting or downing heavy items but oly pulling or lashing is required.

The chain-operated block can be used to descend loads from the heights. It can be used to lift or descend a load vertically.  When comes to a lever block, the device can be used to lash or pull a load. They can be used only in a horizontal direction.

The chain-operated model is inclined to bind if you attempt to activate it at an angle, whereas the lever type is suitable for pulling loads diagonally and horizontally.

While considering the maneuverability lever versions are more versatile when compared to the chain model blocks. This is because a lever block can be applied in many positions according to the needs, but a chain block can be used only in the vertical position.

In the level model blocks, the handle lock can be easily released to accelerate the rigging time. However, in the chain versions, this is not possible, as they are designed to operate only at lower levels.

When considering the hooking up of loads, chain styles are more advantageous than the lever styles. This is because hooking up of loads does not need any human intervention, meaning the block will automatically hook the loads up. This means that you can hook up the consignment at any height just by pulling the chain from the ground. This is not possible in a lever style block, as you have to be available in the point to hook up the load to pull it.

Each model of blocks has its own pros and cons. If you want to pull the loads vertically, chain blocks are quite handy. Similarly, for horizontal pulls, you can use the lever models. Therefore, it all matters about the nature of the tasks you want to perform. Therefore, buy the right model to perform the right job within your budget.

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