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Finding Suitable Kundan Pendant in Chandigarh Made Easy

Jewellery Gift for Ladies

Suitable Kundan sets hold an indispensable role in presenting the perfect persona and personality of women across the world. The fine settings used in preparing the most versatile and equally elegant pieces comprised of the perfect Kundan settings hold a pretty exquisite place in its existence.

Finding a suitable Kundan pendant in Chandigarh isn’t a big job with the number of suitable providers offering some of the finest works of Kundan. But, before you get to buy your favourite Kundan pendant for yourself or a jewellery gift for ladies, you definitely need to know a few things about it. The commonly used forms for preparing the Kundan pendant sets are either jadau or meenakari and the inclusive stones used for making these are emerald, rhodolite, rubies and diamond polkies.

Forms of Pendant Set with Kundan Works

  • Designer Gold Pendant Set

Available in a number of designs, this mainly comes with a changeable centre piece for the locket and the matching earrings. You can choose from a rich list of designer collection to match your mood and need.

  • Meenakari Pendant Set

Mostly available with a metal plating of 24K gold, these type of pendant sets mostly are studded with either diamond or rubies. Carefully crafted on the thin beaten silver sheets, this is one of the most uniquely cut items to keep an eye on.

  • Gold Kundan Pendant Sets:

The gold Kundan pendant sets are most beautifully designed Kundan collection. They are carefully crafted to match the latest design trends. The design range may include epic designs like- flower motif, leaf designed motifs, small pearls hangings, etc.

Choose from any of these trendy designs to suit your jewellery preferences. You can easily find these pendants along with the matching earrings set for every mood and choice preference.

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