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Finding Suitable Kundan Pendant in Chandigarh Made Easy

Suitable Kundan sets hold an indispensable role in presenting the perfect persona and personality of women across the world. The fine settings used in preparing the most versatile and equally elegant pieces comprised of the perfect Kundan settings hold a pretty exquisite place in its existence. Finding a suitable Kundan pendant in Chandigarh isn’t a […]


Getting Along in The New Household After Marriage

It is said that marriage is not an achievement but getting along after it with everyone is the real achievement. And it is literally true and applicable in the present scenario. They say that the second name of marriage is compatibility and adjustment. If you’re happy and get along with everyone with relative ease,then that’s […]


Tips to Keep Your Marriage Life Spiced Up

Marriage has never been an easy alliance whether it is a love or an arranged marriage. Yes, getting married is a wonderful idea and everything seems to be perfect when it happens. But it is when the honeymoon period is over, people start getting settled in their usual lives.  That is when, the actual married […]

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Goa: A Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a perfect wedding planner then we suggest you to please have a look at the portfolio of Marry Me wedding planners before deciding any planners. A perfect and memorable wedding always need a proper planning for every moment. A perfect planning in the wedding avoids the mess on the wedding […]