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5 top decorating skills that are used only by the topmost house stylists

The expert services of a house stylist certainly affect the way your house looks. If your house or apartment does not appear as fabulous as it should, you should maybe read the advice offered by this article then. The advice will help you in giving your space the necessary makeover that will certainly change your life.

1. The style

Expert stylists recommend that your home should reflect who you actually are. For you to discover the style that corresponds to your taste the most, you can go through house catalogues and magazines and cut out the images of styles you like. When you have a collection of pages, search for themes that are common. For instance, you might realize that the images you’ve been saving illustrate rooms with similar artwork, lots of patterns, or coloured walls. One other way to gain insights into your own style is to think about your most loved object. That truly represents items you are passionate about. Therefore, if a blanket happens to be your prized possession, you are into comfortable items that please the eyes. Try incorporating these elements into the home.

2.The colour scheme

For your home to offer a welcoming and balanced atmosphere, every room should feature two base colours and one accent colour, while their proportion should be about 60% for the first base colour, 30% for the second one, and 10% for the accent colour. According to professional property stylists, it’s best that you don’t have the colour in equal percentages. This is because the eyes don’t like that. Vases, wall hangings, throw pillows, and lampshades could add the 10% accent colour.

3. The textures

If your house’s key colour scheme is neutral, it becomes extremely critical that you mix up textures. This is because your house will appear flat if it lacks the interplay between soft and hard, matte and shiny. Therefore throws and rugs should be mixed with sleek surfaces such as lacquer tables.

4. The light

All rooms require a minimum of 3 sources of light. They should be arranged in a triangular formation so the space at the room’s centre is effectively illuminated by the effect of the triangle light. Actually, this small alteration could make a massive difference to the general outcome you will get.

5. The shape and size

If a room features too many squat, short items, or towering ones, it will certainly appear awful. Additionally, if it’s dominated by sharp edges and square pieces, they must be offset by some curvy or round lines. An easy means of solving these imbalances without purchasing new furniture is working with wall hangings. For example, if you desire your table or sofa that’s against the wall to look taller, consider hanging a large photo or painting directly above it. And, if a room features too many angular items, consider handing an oval or round mirror.

These are the top skills that can be used by any expert house stylist to ensure that your house is appropriately decorated. The skills always ensure that your house is decorated exactly according to your personal style and preferences.

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