Places to visit in Pune

Places to visit in Pune

Pune is one of the busy cities in Maharashtra and at the same time it is a hub of a lot of activities and an amalgamation of culture and tradition. In ancient Maharashtra, this city was the headquarter of the Peshwa dynasty and so it has a lot of attractions which one must not miss […]

Heart problems and cardiac surgeons

Heart problems and cardiac surgeons

Heart is the only organ present in the human body that works relentlessly. It does not take rest for a single moment. Along with all the organs and organelles that comprises a human body, heart is one of the most important function. Heart mainly functions as a pumping organ in our body. Heart pumps nutrients […]


How to Save on medical procedures

Healthcare costs have gone up significantly in the last few years. While there are policies in place that offer us more comprehensive insurance cover, many of these come at the cost of high deductibles. Today we are faced with the possibility of an impossibly steep bill if we fall ill and, heaven forbid, hospitalized. Given […]


Planning a budget friendly wedding

A wedding is beautiful ceremony which is celebrated in a grand manner for everyone to remember throughout their life time. In India, especially, a wedding consists of various rituals, and ceremonies from both groom and the bride‚Äôs side. Each ceremony has a lot of effort put into it in terms of decorations, catering, lighting, invitations […]


Women Tees: A whole New World

21st century is all about changing trends and changing lifestyles. Whether you live in a small town, a metro city or in a suburb; you have that slot of t-shirts right? There are varieties of t-shirts that can be found snuggled in the wardrobes of the women. Of course, whether you talk about shades, sizes, […]


Reasons to take a personality assessment test

There are a number of personalities out there. And every personality has its own unique insight into what makes you click. Besides, taking a 20 minute personality assessment test would bring in real picture of who should you bring in to your organization. So pull up your socks and read on why you should take […]